About us

We create interiors for life


Complex service

Consultancy, proposals, concepts, calculations, implementation, warranty and post-warranty service. We will tell you the truth and evaluate the real possibilities. You are in good hands with us. From the beginning to the completion of the project.


Sense for detail

Our realizations look the same as the pictures in our catalogue. We guarantee handcrafted quality, patience and precision even in demanding solutions and installations. You may trust us.



Material, technological, price and personnel. We adapt to your possibilities, wishes and your interior. We respect every client regardless of his budget. We make it ordinary to remarkable and creative.



We regard the serious and transparent approach as a matter of course. We change the ideas of living to a real home. Cosy and safe, the place where you appreciate to come come back and see in your visits.

My story

The contract by completing and submitting to the client is just starting to live. Even when I was a small boy I learned in the workshop of my gramp that the finished work must serve for long and reliably.

The kitchen, children’s room, bedroom or living room only come to life after we make up and leave home. That real life will be inspired by you, the owners.

I have still been fascinated by the fragrance of the freshly installed interior, as always I was accompanied by the smell of wood by its processing. It was happening during my boyhood, at the secondary technical wood college and later also during my student practice in former state enterprises Smrečina and Bučina. To precision and skills in work with wood
my god-father taught me in his joiner workshop. As a young man, after a military, I have tasted life outside the boarders,
but I remained faithful to Slovakia. My love to the wood, interior design and furniture
I richly used in the Maneko Zvolen shop and since 1997 in the Terlan s.r.o. . From the designer I worked out myself to the head of designers and installers. I have been finding out all my life the features and possibilities of materials, products, design, technical drawing, assembly and practicly all that ours
craft requires. Untill now I have been powered by the inner satisfaction and the joy of working in quality.
Thanks to these qualities and abilities I have gained confidence in the Czech company HANÁK. For more than 10 years I have been an authorized dealer in Slovakia. Its family tradition in production of furniture is quite close to me. We perceive the work with wood in very similar way – like art, message and passion.
ZUBRO design studio is located in LightPark in Bratislava, where I would ike to welcome you personally in new showroom.

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